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    Members of the jury of the selection stage of the Award

    Roman Berchenko

    Chairman of the jury of the Award qualifying stage
    Musicologist, composer, musical director of the Moscow Chekhov Art Theatre

    Tamara Bril

    Sound engineer, head of the sound engineering department of the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music

    Vladimir Dudin

    Musicologist, music critic, columnist for the newspaper “St. Petersburg Vedomosti”, “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, author of the “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”

    Pavel Lavrenenkov

    Sound engineer, Honored Artist of Russia, head of the recording service of the Moscow Philharmonic

    Ilya Ovchinnikov

    Music critic, member of the expert council of the Moscow Philharmonic

    Lyudmila Osipova

    Host of the music programs "Radio Russia", Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, PhD in Art History, expert Folk music radio group of the European Broadcasting Union

    Gennady Papin

    Sound engineer of the Mosfilm studio»

    Mikhail Spassky

    Sound engineer of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory

    Members of the jury of the final stage of the Award

    Christian Hoeppner

    Cellist, conductor, General Secretary of the German Music Council

    Aleksandr Tchaikovsky

    Chairman of the jury of the Award final stage
    Composer, pianist, People’s Artist of Russia, head of the composition department of the P.I.Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, artistic director of the Moscow Philharmonic

    Mikhail Bryzgalov

    Honored Artist of Russia, General Director of the Russian National Museum of Music

    Erdo Groot

    Director, producer and balance engineer of Polyhymnia International

    Irina Gerasimova

    Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, General Director – Artistic Director of the Russian State Musical Television and Radio Center

    Oliver von Dohnanyi

    Guest conductor of the Ural Opera

    Daniil Kramer

    Jazz pianist, People’s Artist of Russia

    Julian Makarov

    Actor, host at the TV channel “Russia-Culture’, general producer of the International Festival “Golden Harp”

    Andrey Malyutin

    Head of the Music Programs Department of "Radio Russia", member of the jury of international and national competitions, producer of music projects

    Roman Mints

    Violinist, Artistic Director chamber music festival "Return", artist and repertoire consultant Record Label Quartz Music

    Dmitry Sibirtsev

    Head of the Art Project "Tenors of the XXI century», Director of the V. Minin Moscow state academic chamber choir, Director of the Center for Culture and Art "Meridian"

    Maria Soboleva

    Sound engineer, dean of the faculty of music and head of the department of musical sound engineering of the Institute of Contemporary Art, professor of VGIK, professor of the P.I.Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory